Two Cedars Ceramics

In October of 2011, my sister convinced me to try doing some pottery while I was waiting to find a job. I stared out with a class that taught throwing - working on the wheel. I failed spectacularly! Clearly, throwing required more skill and practice than I had patience. So as much as I would love to throw bowls and jugs and jars, it was time to look for another way. Yep, the pottery bug had bitten and I was addicted.

Happily, in January of 2012, one of the hand builders at the studio decided to give a class for anyone interested in working with slabs. I took the class and fell in love with hand building. I found working with slabs to be rewarding, challenging and interesting. Since that time, I have worked to hone my hand building skills, trying different shapes and types of pots.

Although I make a variety of usable items, I pride myself in producing vessels that are functional as well as beautiful, my real love is replicating pieces created by early potters; in particular Peruvian ceramics, pre-Columbian and earlier. The true challenge to these is replicating pots without knowing what techniques were used in its creation; were they shaped using a wheel, built with rows of coils or formed from slabs? Part of the satisfaction is finding a way that works and produces a piece close in appearance to the original.

On this site you'll see samples of unique individual pieces that I've built as well as ceramics for home use and display that I have for sale. I hope you'll enjoy your visit to my virtual studio!