Videos for GENUKI Maintainers

Many maintainers have asked for more visual instruction on working on their pages using the Drupal content management system. As your Volunteer Coordinator, I've produced a couple of videos to get your started and will continue to add to them as time permits.

Editing Broken Links

These videos will help get you started editing broken links that show up on your Edit tab.

To Edit in Source Code Mode

To Edit Broken Links

Editing HTML and Other Errors

In addition to broken links, you'll also come across other types of errors. These can be simple HTML errors or they can be some other type of error that the system has found. For help with those types of things, please view this video:

Editing Errors

During the course of recording the Editing Errors video I tried what I thought was a method to eliminate errors that had been corrected. As it happens that wasn't the correct way to do that. So I've recorded a follow-up video to address clearing errors that have been corrected.

Correction Followup